Community Impact Oversight

Through its humanitarian mandate and commitments, the IAYG family works to benefit young people as their voice and champion. As part of this commitment, we also provide avenues for community members to voice concerns about potential adverse impacts of our operations – allowing us to serve young people in a more effective way and reflecting our bottom-up model of development.

About the IAYG Family’s Community Impact Oversight

Through the Offices for Accountability and Accessible Governance’s community impact feedback boards (CIFB), community members can make their voices heard about potential adverse effects of IAYG family programmes and initiatives – helping us better understand the implications of programmes and initiatives designed to benefit young people. CIFBs are made up of IAYG family oversight officials in the community or region of interest, and are responsible for investigating potential adverse impacts of programmes, responding to community members, and making actionable recommendations: ensuring that concerns of community members are incorporated in decision-making processes all across the IAYG family and giving all community members a chance to make their voices heard. 

The IAYG family’s avenues of engagement for community feedback are part of our extensive commitments to accessible governance and transparency. They also reflect our commitment to bottom-up models of development that place the voices, needs, and concerns of community members first.

Petition Process

Review by the IAYG family’s community impact feedback boards begins with a formal petition. To maximize transparency and the representation of community voices, most groups are eligible to petition for CIFB review:

  • Any group of three or more community members who can prove that they live in a region where an IAYG family or IAYG family-funded programme, project, or initiative is being carried out, such that they believe that the said programme will directly negatively impact them or their rights
  • Any elected representative or official tasked with the welfare of a community that will be impacted by an IAYG family or IAYG family-funded programme, project, or initiative
  • Any official or staff member of an IAYG family community or national-level partner or contractor
Petitions can be filed through paper or online forms, and can be submitted in English, French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, or Hindi. Afterward, they will be evaluated for credibility. While not all CIFP petitions will be accepted, all will receive a formal response from the OAAG explaining the course of action taken. If the OAAG deems the petition credible and verifies residency requirements, the petition will be formally forwarded to the community impact board responsible for that region, which will respond within thirty days.


Desk for Community Impact Feedback Boards
+1 (347) 996-IAYG (ask for the OAAG)

CIFB Petitions

Click here to access the online CIFB petition form.
If you believe that your petition requires confidentiality, please contact the CIFB Desk. At its discretion, the CIFB Desk may provide a confidential petition form with your name and identification information redacted upon proof of eligibility for petition if needed.

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