About the Offices for Accountability and Accessible Governance

The IAYG family’s operational accountability offices and monitoring agencies comprise the Offices for Accountability and Accessible Governance (OAAG), the institution’s lead independent body tasked with safeguarding the integrity, efficiency, and accountability of programmes, initiatives, and organizations across the IAYG family, its alliances, and partner systems.

The Offices for Accountability and Accessible Governance are the IAYG family’s primary organs of responding to our stakeholders. The Offices are responsible for regular monitoring and evaluation, prevention of fraud and corruption, and when called, handling enquiries into practices. To ensure their impartiality, the Offices are independent from all Regional Directorates and programme bureaus, reporting directly to the Office of the President. 

The Offices primarily work with citizen stakeholders across the world, ensuring that any concerns they hold over operations involving IAYG family resources are addressed and maintaining confidence in the IAYG family’s operations. In partnership with the IAYG family’s Office for Research and Data-Driven Development, OAAG’s Accessibility in Governance Unit is also the primary organization tasked with supporting individuals in navigating and voicing their concerns within the IAYG family. The Accessibility in Governance Unit works closely with national, regional, and international leadership across the IAYG family to improve access to information, operational transparency, and the accessibility of IAYG family leadership.

Thanks to these efforts, we are proud to be one of the world’s most transparent multilateral institutions and a trusted humanitarian leader. As an institution in the public trust, we recognize that we are fully accountable accountable to our partners, member and affiliate governments, and most importantly, to citizens and to all young people. OAAG’s organizations help us strengthen that commitment, every single day.

We protect the integrity of the IAYG family’s work and strengthen public trust. The Offices for Accountability and Accessible Governance are focused on:

  • Monitoring the efficiency and integrity of the IAYG family and its partner systems’ work
  • Strengthening public confidence by extending the accessibility of institution and the IAYG family’s humanitarian ecosystem
  • Investigating community impact of programmes and responding to community member enquiries
  • Protecting against fraud, corruption, and misuse of IAYG family resources across every part of the IAYG family’s humanitarian ecosystem
  • Managing audits and investigations when suspected misuse of resources have been reported
  • Reporting to the public on progress in our stated priorities and the President’s agenda

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